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Surprise Me!

Like them all!? We pick the "surprise" drink selection each month based on what fits best with the novel. For example, Sherlock would drink an Earl Grey...

$44.99 - $54.99


Each box gets 3.5 oz of ground coffee. We include locally roasted coffee in our boxes (Maine). Our choice vendor is Coffee by Design. A local craft roaster who has AMAZING coffee and received national attention for their blends.

$44.99 - $54.99


Each box gets 1 oz of loose leaf tea in our boxes. Our choice tea vendor is Adagio teas. We love their blends, options, quality and most importantly the flavor of their tea!

$44.99 - $54.99

Hot Chocolate

Each box gets 4oz of hot cocoa mix. Our choice hot cocoa vendor is McStevens. They are an amazing company who we have worked with since the beginning. They have so many amazing and unique cocoa mix flavors, and we love their team!

$44.99 - $54.99

Previous Boxes

Past boxes made for the Standard Classic Literature Subscription:

The Last of the Mohicans

Huckleberry Finn

The Little Prince