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December Book Selections

Not a fan of surprises? That's perfectly ok!! If you already have a vast collection of classic books, are purchasing for a friend or loved one and want to make sure they will love their book box, or if you just like to know... discover next months book selections below! 

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Classic Literature

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Paper Mill Press Edition (flexible suede-like cover) 

Widely recognized as Dickens' most esteemed literary work, A Tale of Two Cities tells the story of Manette, a French doctor, and the dark times he endured during his imprisonment in the Bastille during the French Revolution. After eighteen years of confinement, Manette is released to live in London with his Daughter Lucie, whom he had never met. A riveting novel of love and sacrifice that remains a time-honored classic among readers of all ages.

Children's Classic

Peter Pan: An Illustrated Classic by Barrie, J. M. Hudson, Gwynedd (Ilt)

Canterbury Classics Edition (Hardcover)

J. M. Barrie enjoyed telling stories to the sons of a close family friend, and when his older brother died at age 14 in an ice-skating accident, Barrie was inspired to create the story of Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. Published first as a play, then as a novel, this enduring classic will be a treasured addition to any home library. The cloth-bound cover features a full-color illustrated plate and beautiful foil stamping. Color illustrations throughout will help you envision Neverland, Peter, Wendy, and battles with the famous Captain Hook. A story for all ages, this title will keep you turning pages long into the evening.

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