Coffee and a Classic - Employee_Gifts

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Employee Gifts

We want to work with you to design the perfect gift box for your employees. You can be as hands off a selecting an upcoming "surprise" box, and as involved as handpicking from a selection of books and bookish items for a customized experienced tailored to your unique office culture. 

What you can customize:

• The Book Selection and Edition 

• The Number of items in the box 

• The beverage selection (coffee, tea or cocoa)

• Custom labels and design (ex. the coffee label)

• custom insert / thank you card

• Packaging option: reusable photo box

• Shipping or drop-off option (if local)

What you can expect:

• Minimum of 4 weeks to curate and package  the boxes

• we will provide a spreadsheet template to fill in info for shipping 

• If requested, we will provide mock box designs of your custom box 

• An estimate and final quote for approval