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A little about my story...

I was creating a gift for a close friend's baby shower and was set on making a gift box including a book, and in the hunt through all of the new books for babies I found myself on the floor of the bookstore for hours reading all of the classic books from my childhood. It quickly turned into the concept of a classic book subscription box, to share old and new classics every month. 

In our eyes, what makes a book a classic book...

I really like to use the “classic” genre loosely. A classic book to me is something that has stood the test of time and been passed down for generations, or it is a wildly popular more modern book that has all of the signs that it will become known as a classic (for example Harry Potter). I also believe some subject matters can be considered classic, for example “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern is a more modern book but the idea of magic is very classic to me. 

Why I believe classic books are important...

I believe books become a classic because they carry some sort of underlying message or theme we can all relate to in our core, and they resonate with us because they were written in such a beautiful way. Some classic books store in their words periods of time we can feel a part of, or ideas and concepts we want to be a part of. While you can say these things for modern books, the classic books have earned their position through repeated examples of this. 

Why I made a subscription for classic books...

There has always been something magical about the classics for me. It is sometimes hard between jobs and family to make the time to read, so when I did find the time I wanted to read something I knew was going to be amazing. Coffee and a Classic gives me the opportunity to share my love for classic books as well as use my creative side to establish the theme, select the perfect bookish things to compliment it, and to hand-make some of the items in the boxes. 

Owner / Creator

Ashlee Doherty 

What is it about coffee and books that change a person's day?

I really want the subscribers to be opening a complete experience when they receive their book boxes each month. I like to think Coffee and a Classic will be an escape, or a zen zone, for each subscriber where they can find their own perfect reading spot, light a candle, and curl up with their coffee and classic book.