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How It Works

We at Coffee and a Classic know that there are few things more enjoyable than to immerse yourself in a great book, so each month we carefully select a classic book, beverage and other bookish treats to inspire you. 

Find your perfect reading spot -- be it a nook, tree, coffee shop or cozy couch -- relax, and lose yourself in the time-tested words of some of the greatest books ever written. 

Step 1

Choose a Subscription

We offer two levels of our Coffee and a Classic subscription, the difference between them is how many bookish items you would like to receive each month! 

Step 2

Choose a Genre

There are so many classics to choose from so we offer three genres to personalize your selection: Classic Literature, Children's Classics and Classic Nonfiction. 

Step 3

Get a package!

Sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee (or tea or hot chocolate) and a classic! Your personally curated book box will be delivered to your door each month. 

Our February Boxes!

As there are so many classics to choose from we embrace (and find so much fun in!) the opportunity to select the books based on the season or on what is being talked about in a given month. February was a great month for themes as it was Valentine's Day and the Winter Olympics. For the Classic Literature box we chose the dark romance "Wuthering Heights", for the Classic Non-fiction we chose "The Boys of Winter" (Olympics Themed) and for the Classic Children's box we had so much fun with "Alice in Wonderland".

Have a friend who would love one of the past boxes or one of your favorite bookish item? 

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It is so much fun to get to see the unboxing of a Coffee and a Classic book box! Thanks Not a Tree Reviews for this great video and review! Checkout the full blog article

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